Upstream Events: Laurel Touby from Supernode Ventures, Espree Devora from Women in Tech, Alex Nwaka from Touchdown Ventures, Noele Flowers from Commsor, IRL Event in NYC, & WTF is the Metaverse...

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Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

🗽NYC Friends: Our IRL events are back! 🗽

Join us October 13th from 6-8pm ET. Limited space, RSVP here!

Read on for awesome things happening this week.

🔥 5 Things You Can’t Miss This Week 🔥

This investor sold her company for $23M to start Supernode Ventures | Tues at 6pm ET

Meet Laurel Touby, who sold her company to start Supernode Ventures with her partner Jenny Friedman. Known for their massive networks, they uniquely support founders with their experience as business journalists and successful founders. (RSVP)

Feeling stuck? This startup will match you with a dedicated coach | Tues at 7pm ET

Skye is a B2C tech platform for coaching that matches you with a coach to support your life and career founded by Jessica Wolf, ex-ICONIQ Capital & Forbes 30 Under 30. (RSVP)

Professional services are getting shaken-up. Find out how | Weds at 12pm ET

Discuss how professional services are being disrupted with Alex Nwaka, Principal at Touchdown Ventures who leads the firm’s enterprise software strategy. (RSVP)

What’s the formula for a viral podcast? Learn from this top podcaster | Weds at 9pm ET

Espree Devora’s podcast was named a Harper’s Bazaar Top 10 Podcast and she wants to teach you how to build a better podcast. (RSVP)

This 5-step framework will transform your community strategy | Thurs at 12pm ET

Join us for a chat with Noele Flowers of Commsor! Noele heads up the C School at Commsor and will teach us the 5-steps framework for building a community strategy. (RSVP)

💡Topic Spotlight: Crypto & NFTs 💡

1. WTF is the Metaverse? Ask every question you’ve been too embarrassed to ask

Thurs at 5:30pm ET | (RSVP)

2. Find out the hottest NFT collections at the NFT Community Meet-Up

Fri at 1pm ET | (RSVP)

🌎 Global Spotlight: LATAM  🌎

1. Our first event in Spanish! Talk all things crypto & LATAM with Paul Garcia

Weds at 8pm ET | (RSVP)

2. Kick off the LATAM Community with Carlos Moreira & Jorge Omar Alvarez

Thurs at 6pm ET | (RSVP)

🌟 Call for Pitches: Start-up Founder? Pitch on Upstream’s Weekly Pitch Night 🌟

Are you a founder raising capital? Want to get your start-up in front of the Upstream community? Apply to share your founder story at Upstream’s weekly virtual pitch night that happens every Tuesday. The format is 20 mins of Q&A and then two 1:1 5 min breakout meetings.

Let us know you’re interested here!

📚This Week’s Reading 📚

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