NFT.NYC Week is off to a Roaring Start! 700+ RSVP to Upstream Happy Hour

Upstream kicks off NFT.NYC with a rocking event

Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

Last night at the chic bar in Company Ventures, the room buzzed with hundreds of NFT fans from all walks of life. This packed Happy Hour kicked off the long-awaited NFT.NYC week with a rocking start.

In the days leading up to NFT.NYC, Google Sheets packed with lists of events made their way around group chats to help people map out their social plans. As a result, over 700+ people RSVPed to the Upstream Happy Hour (a company record!)

Evidently, there’s enormous appetite to gather and talk all things NFTs, crypto, and web3. While the event is over, the momentum is not. It's obvious that this party has only just begun.

🎉Check out the amazing photos from the night here. 🎉

Want to get further involved in the NFT conversation and community?

Join Upstream’s NFT Community run by Alex Taub, Upstream’s CEO, and Drew Austin, Founder of Red Beard Ventures. The community gathers virtually on Upstream every Friday to talk about what they’re seeing in the space. You can request to join here!

The Upstream NFT Community will also be the beta testers for a very exciting feature that Upstream is rolling out in the coming weeks.

This event was made possible by Upstream’s generous partners including Company HQ, Cryptoys, Sports Icon, Stocktwits, $CMO Coin, & more!

If you’re interested in attending the next Upstream IRL NYC Tech & VC Happy Hour in December, you can RSVP here.

Interested in sponsoring a monthly Upstream IRL NYC Tech & VC Happy Hour? Reach out to [email protected].

Sarah Wood

Head of Community