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Monica Rojas, Head of Community at Upstream, spoke with Developer DAO to learn about engaging communities through DAOs.

Michael Schonfeld
Michael Schonfeld

Monica Rojas, Head of Community at Upstream, spoke to With-Heart, a core contributor at Developer DAO.

In this conversation, With-Heart shares what it takes to cultivate an engaged DAO community. They believe that community has the power to unlock passion & potential in a way that isn’t possible in a traditional corporate environment.

ICYMI: Developer DAO is a community of thousands of developers working together to accelerate the education and impact of Web3.

If you’re wondering…

  1. What should you focus on when starting a DAO?
  2. How do you reward and engage DAO members?
  3. How to design a governance system that works for thousands?

Learn these answers and more in this conversation!

Watch the whole video here:

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