Graphic of man with robotic features and text "Crypto Combatting Climate Change." KlimaDAO logo is in lower right corner.

Using Crypto to Save the Environment with KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is combatting climate change using crypto, and aims to help more individuals and organizations become carbon neutral.

Michael Schonfeld
Michael Schonfeld

Alex Taub, CEO of Upstream, spoke with Sy Zygy, the product lead at KlimaDAO for our most recent DAO Talks event.

Sy shared about how the project came together, what it took to organize and sustain growth, and their goals to help organizations and individuals become carbon neutral.

If you want to learn about...

  1. How crypto can be used to combat climate change
  2. Using web3 in the carbon market to create the best experience for organizations to become carbon neutral
  3. Where KlimaDAO is headed in the future

Watch the full video here:

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