Picture of Sahar on left, with words "Community + Capital" plus the Statue of Liberty icon

Fighting for Reproductive Rights: A New Model for Social Impact with ChoiceDAO

ChoiceDAO is fighting for reproductive rights by connecting activists and community members to support advocacy organizations and raise funds.

Michael Schonfeld
Michael Schonfeld

Monica Rojas, Head of Community at Upstream, spoke with Sahar Afrakhan, the co-founder of ChoiceDAO in our latest DAO Talk.

ICYMI: ChoiceDAO has raised more than $20,000, and connected a network of volunteers to support a number of reproductive rights organizations.

In the talk, Sahar shared the story of how ChoiceDAO came to be, as well as some incredible insights into what the team has learned along the way.

If you’re wondering…

  1. What is the order of operations to launch a DAO?
  2. How to assemble a DAO dream team?
  3. How to legally fundraise through a DAO?

Watch the full video here:

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