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Collective Thoughts #35: The DAO Headed to the Moon, Cocktails & Crypto Happy Hour in NYC, Launch an Investment Club DAO, & More!

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Alex Taub
Alex Taub

what we’re reading:

  1. Kim Kardashian charged by SEC for pushing crypto, reaches $1.26M settlement (TechCrunch)
  2. Nasdaq Enters Crypto Business With Focus On Security (Forbes)
  3. Meta Opens NFT Sharing on Instagram and Facebook to All US Users (CoinDesk)

virtual events

1. DAO Talk #9: MoonDAO
Tues, Oct 2 @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

MoonDAO is raising funds to go to the moon and create a self-sustaining colony in space! Join us as we learn all about it from the co-founder, Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz.

2. NFT Spotlight: Recur
Tues, Oct 11th @ 2pm ET | (RSVP)

Recur is building on-chain branded NFT experiences working with brand names like Nickelodeon, Care Bears, and more. We’ll chat with Zach Bruch, CEO of Recur.

3. DAO Talk #10:VitaDAO
Tues, Oct 18th @ 2pm ET | (RSVP)

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about DeSci (decentralized science) and how medical research is using blockchain, this event is for you! VitaDAO is funding longevity research.

irl nyc events

DAO Founders Breakfast @ Empire DAO
Tues, Oct 11th @ 9:30am ET | (RSVP)

Join us for our first DAO Founders Breakfast at Empire DAO. This will be a monthly gathering where DAO founders and core contributors can share insights from their DAO building journey.

Cocktails & Crypto Happy Hour NYC
Wed, Oct 12th @ 7pm ET | (RSVP)

We’re hosting a happy hour for NYC Tech Week! Come join us and meet other people in the web3 and crypto space for a fun evening at Freehold in the Park.

irl miami events

Tech Beach Happy Hour Upstream x CIC
Wed, Oct 26th @ 7pm ET | (RSVP)

We’ll be hosting a happy hour for the Tech Beach Retreat in Miami! If you’re part of Miami’s web3 and tech community, come join us for an evening of cocktails, great music, and epic convos.

what we’re sharing in our group chats:

what we're screenshotting:

what we’re celebrating:

  • Poolsuite had an epic event in Barcelona
  • NYC Tech Week just announced all of their events!
  • NFT Now shared that they’ll be partnering with Manna Common and Moonpay for a big Miami event during Art Basel
  • Truth Labs has their big public mint tonight @ 6pm
  • Play Swoops reveal is now live

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