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Collective Thoughts #31: Choice DAO Talk, Goblintown UnHang Out III, "WTF is...?" Events, CPG NFT Spotlight & More!

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Alex Taub
Alex Taub

what we’re reading:

  1. How Web3 Companies Are Changing the Internet (Forbes)
  2. Ticketmaster taps the Flow blockchain to let event organizers issue NFTs tied to tickets (TechCrunch)
  3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: The New LLCs? (Bloomberg)
  4. Web3 Workplace Platform Coordinape Launches Decentralized Compensation Tool for DAOs (CoinDesk)
  5. Science DAO Changing the Face of the Scientific Community by Combining DAOs and NFTs (Tech Times)

what’s happening this week:

1. DAO Talks #7 - ChoiceDAO
TODAY, Tues @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

Join us for the 7th event in our DAO Talks series where we’ll talk with ChoiceDAO about how they’ve been supporting frontline nonprofits to further reproductive justice.

2. Goblintown UnHang Out III
Thurs @ 4pm ET | (RSVP)

Come hang out with me, Ian Miller, and friends. Where we don't really tell you anything but have fun!

save the date:

NFT Spotlight: CPG “Crypto Packaged” GOODS
Tues, Sept 13 @ 2pm ET | (RSVP)

In our next NFT Spotlight series, we’ll be speaking with Chris Cantino and Jamie Schmidt to learn all about their Web3 alpha community and incubator that’s working on new drops and community initiatives called Crypto Packaged Goods.

WTF is the Ethereum Merge?
Wed, Sept 14 @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

We’ll be talking about the ETH merge as the topic for our next “WTF is…” event. The purpose of this event is to break down confusing concepts in web3 and crypto with guest experts.

WTF is cc0?
Wed, Sept 28 @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

In this “WTF is.. “ event, we’ll cover cc0 rights. Come learn about the meaning of cc0, why big projects are using them, and why they matter.

what we’re sharing in our group chats:

  • The TechCrunch podcast episode with Haun Ventures about the future of crypto startups
  • This article about how blockchain firms are funding university research hubs
  • An overview guide of DeSci explaining what the movement is about
  • Caryn’s (@0xCaryn) Substack article about how to host an awesome orientation ritual in a DAO

what we’re screenshotting:

what we’re celebrating:

  • Take a look at this incredible Twitter thread Kennyatta wrote about Upstream. We’re so grateful for the support we receive from our community!
  • We had amazing turnout for both our IRL happy hours in Miami and NYC. Shoutout to Monica, our Head of Community and Sarah, our COO for organizing these!
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