Collective Thoughts #3: new podcast launch, SXSW events, web3 equity & inclusion, how to launch a viral NFT project, & more!

gm! we’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast. you can listen to it here!

Alex Taub
Alex Taub

gm! we’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast. you can listen to it here!

our first episode is with crypto investor, gaby goldberg, answering the question “WTF is web3?” the full-length episode is here. you can check out the blog post here.

each week, in this newsletter we’ll cover the latest events, headlines, and insights in crypto and community. welcome to collective thoughts!

– alex

what we’re reading

what’s on the calendar

meet alan patricof, co-founder of greycroft

tues @ 2:30pm ET | (RSVP)

In this event, Alan Patricof, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Greycroft and co-founder and Chairperson of Primetime Partners, will join Upstream to share about his new book, No Red Lights.

how to launch a viral NFT project: AMA with Alex Taub

wed @ 2pm ET | (RSVP)

I’m hosting an AMA to discuss how to build momentum around your NFT project. We’ll cover all things from choosing the concept, building the community, and keeping the interest going.

monthly web3 equity & inclusion spotlight: The MLK Letter NFT Project by ICONIC DAO

thurs @ 4pm ET | (RSVP)

This month’s guest is ICONIC DAO, who is building the world's Premiere Decentralized Museum, acquiring IRL culturally significant objects to bring together underrepresented communities in the web3 space. Their first collected item is one of the only remaining original drafts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most enduring written works "Letter from Birmingham Jail." This month we’re celebrating Black History Month! 🎉

Every month we will invite those working to make web3 more equitable to share insights on what they’re working on and how we can drive diversity in web3. This series is co-hosted by me & Michelle Abbs, VP of Community & Education at MetaGood.

where we’re going


fundraising breakfast w/estee lauder ventures & cold start ventures

tues @ 9:30am ET | (RSVP)

Join the NY Startup Community’s monthly Fundraising Breakfast. Mingle with investors and startup founders and learn how to raise venture capital.

coworking @ CSTM HAUS

fri @ 12pm ET | (RSVP)

Join the Future of Work Community’s IRL Friday socials in NYC. If you want to come early, Upstream is sponsoring a co-working table with 5 free spots all day (9am - 6pm ET). First come, first served!


crypto cowork day @ CIC miami

(next week) march 2, wed @ 11am ET | (RSVP)

Take a break from working from home or your local office and join us for a way to meet new people in the Miami tech scene.


upstream happy hour

sun, march 13 @ 5pm  | (RSVP)

Join the Upstream team at SXSW for a line-up of events (more to be announced soon!)

lima, peru

metahackathon week

fri @ 6pm ET | (RSVP)

Upstream is excited to help AndinoDOA create the first event Metahackathon in Lima, Peru. This event brings together artists & designers to a 1-week event virtually and IRL to create value on the blockchain for the metaverse.

who's talking about crypto

  • Taylor Constantine | Crypto, Fintech, Joint Ventures (RSVP)
  • Giovanna Sun | Blockchain Advisor, Artist. Curator. Art Collector.  (RSVP)
  • Kamran Ali | Crypto/Web3 Focused Investor (RSVP)
  • Alexander Golding | Crypto Investor (RSVP)

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what we're listening to

The first episode of “Collective Thoughts” with Gaby Goldberg, Crypto Investor & Thought Leader

  • The Crypto 2022 Outlook on Unchained by Laura Shin, former senior editor at Forbes and one of the first mainstream reporters to cover crypto comprehensively

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