Collective Thoughts #27: Vault DAO Launch, Goblintown Project, IRL Summer Parties, & More!

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Alex Taub
Alex Taub

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what’s happening this week:

1. DAO Talks #5 - UkraineDAO

Tues @ 3 pm ET | (RSVP)

Join us for the 5th event in the series where we’ll talk to Alona, co-founder of UkraineDAO. UkraineDAO has raised & donated more than $7 million to serve Ukraine and show how charity, war relief and evacuation efforts can be organized through DAOs.

2.  NFT Project Highlight: Goblintown

Thurs @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

Spotlighting the NFT Project, Goblintown, in our series where we interview top NFT projects.

3. NFT Community Event #76

Fri @ 1pm ET | (RSVP)

The NFT Community’s weekly meet-up where we’ll run through the latest proposals and what we’re seeing in Web3.

4. Illuminati DAO Weekly Call #15

Fri @ 3pm ET | (RSVP)

Weekly talk to discuss what’s happening in the DAO space.

save the date:

IRL Miami: Miami’s Web3 & Tech End of Summer Happy Hour

Tues, Aug 25th @ 6pm ET | (RSVP)

It's the end of Summer, so it's the perfect excuse for us to get our #MiamiTech & Web3 community together for a Happy Hour!

IRL NYC: Crypto & Web3 NYC End of Summer Party

Mon, Aug 29 @ 6pm ET | (RSVP)

Join the NYC crypto ecosystem to celebrate the end of summer! Everyone will get one drink ticket and enjoy a beautiful night at Freehold in Union Square Park.

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what we’re celebrating:

  • Monica Rojas, our Head of Community, has officially been with us for 1 year! We’re so grateful you’re here!
  • We were blown away by the interest in early access to our newest product, Vault DAO. Vault DAO was featured in TechCrunch and Fortune.
  • Congratulations to ToastPunk, CryptoRastas, and 3XG DAO for launching their DAOs on Upstream!
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