Upstream Events — Week of 12/7

Hey everyone -

Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

Hey everyone -

11 months down, 1 to go. Happy December!

We have three updates for you:

  1. Holiday Mixer: If you didn’t see last week, we released a new event format called the Holiday Mixer. Companies and communities are using it to replace their cancelled holiday parties this year.

2. PetCon — We partnered with PetCon this year to power their virtual Meet & Greets. It was an amazing success (see these adorable photos here, here, and here!) and our blog post.

3. Pitch Series — It’s back! Per popular demand we have brought back this event format where early-stage startups pitch their company in the video intro and take Q&A after. We’ve scheduled the next three below.

  • 12/9 at 8pm ET — Pitch Night #2 with recurrent: They provide clean and earth-friendly skin and hair products for teens, from the former co-founder of Dapple Baby
  • 12/16 at 8pm ET — Pitch Night #3 with Phood: They enable college students to use meal plan dollars to order food from third-party delivery services
  • 1/6 at 8pm ET — Pitch Night #4 with LoanSense: They are bridging a huge gap that’s preventing folks with student loans from accessing bigger, better mortgages

We don’t say it enough, thank you for being here and for your support of our growing community. We couldn’t do it without you!

And of course, if you have any friends you think might like the events below, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Reminder: Open the links below from your phone.

MONDAY the 7th

Media People Kickoff #1 with special guest Jeff Jarvis at 6pm ET

HR #5 Speaker and Social: Brock Yetso President and CEO of the Ulman Foundation: 
Creating Community and Doing Good at 7pm ET

Upstream Admins Only Event #2 at 7pm ET

Office Hours:

Scott Markovits — Startup Builder at 9am ET

Mike Teichberg — Founder at InventivHR at 10am ET

Kurt Benson — CEO/Founder at Tidal League at 12pm ET

Alex Taub — Co-founder at Upstream at 1pm ET

Zach Levin — Founder at Law by Levin at 1pm ET

Kazi Islam — Product at Upstream at 2pm ET

Sam Shikiar — Managing Director at Shikiar Asset Management at 2pm ET

Evelina Lavrova — CMO at Waves World at 2pm ET

Geri Kirilova — Partner at Laconia at 3:30pm ET

Mike MacCombie — Director of Platform at ffVC

TUESDAY the 8th

Marketing Mixer #7 with Guest Speaker: Jason Schulweis, SVP Brand Partnerships @ MorningBrew at 6pm ET

Investor Series #15 with Sara Deshpande — Partner at Maven Ventures at 6pm ET

Active Investor Social #17 with Paul Strachman Partner Red Sea Ventures at 7pm ET

Stanford Alumni Mixer #2 with Johnny Hwin Partner at Studio Management at 8pm ET

Office Hours:

Ann-Marie Alcántara — Reporter at The Wall Street Journal at 11am ET

Neal Conlon — Entrepreneur Coach at 1pm ET

Ryan Babenzien — Founder/CEO at Greats at 1pm ET

Sarah Wood — Head of Growth & Community at Upstream at 3pm ET

Dave Weinberg — Partnerships Lead at Recruited at 4pm ET

Leo Morejon — Show Host at at 5pm ET


Everything You Need To Know About: Getting The .com For Your Startup with Eric Friedman at 1pm ET

Exponential: Partnerships and Peace at 1pm ET

Mountain Region — Community Kickoff at 2pm ET

Fellow Female Founders #10 with Michelle Nie from Norwest Venture Partners at 3pm ET

How The Deal Was Done: Steve Madden acquires Greats with Ryan Babenzien — Founder at Greats at 5pm ET

Social Impact Holiday Mixer at 6pm ET

Running A Conference During A Pandemic with Jim Louderback — CEO of VidCon (Expert Series) at 7pm ET

Pitch Night #2 with recurrent at 8pm ET

Office Hours:

Scott Rosenbluth — CEO at Craze Management at 10am ET

David Cutler — Founder at David Cutler Network at 10am ET

Kine Paulsen — Partner at kinfizz at 12pm ET

Greg Baroth — Social/Digital Consultant at 12pm ET

Steve Gowa — Sales Enablement at 12pm ET

Mike Gelb — Founder at The Consumer VC

Mat Kaliski — Principal at Acronym Venture Capital

Douglas Govindavajhala — Software Engineer at DG edtech Ventures at 6pm ET

Therésa Gedda — Founder/CEO at Reimaginez at 6:15pm ET

Mark Wang — Patent Attorney at Law Office of Mark Wang at 7pm ET

Henry Chi — Investor at Capital Innovators at 8pm ET

Ron Schwartz — CEO at TecHub Limited at 9pm ET

Josh Hone — COO at Column at 11:30pm ET

THURSDAY the 10th

Fundraising 101: Early Stage Edition with Cat Hernandez — Partner at The Venture Collective (Expert Series) at 11:30am ET

Everything You Need To Know About: Comms For Your Startup with Carolyn Penner at 1pm ET

Worthy for Thirty Executive Spotlight I — Jeff Ragovin, Chief Commercial Officer, Fyllo at 3pm ET

Consumer Investor / Founder Meetup #8 with Sunny Dhillon, General Partner at Signia Ventures at 4pm ET

Jews in Tech Hanukkah Party At 7pm ET

Joy Soldier Meet-Up #1 at 8pm ET

Office Hours:

Jory Schwach — Founder at Andium at 8am ET

Geoff Scott — CEO/CTO Coach at 1pm ET

Matt Jessen-Howard — Partner at Noveus Capital at 2pm ET

Nikki Bogopolskaya — Brand Partnerships at TikTok at 3pm ET

Kate Kelly — CEO/Co-founder at Chelsea Capital at 3pm ET

Andrew McCarley — Senior Consultant at Peabody Aerospace at 3pm ET

Jasmine Neal — Co-founder at Tune at 3pm ET

Shawn Kallet — CEO at DeepWater Strategies at 4pm ET

Eric Broad — CEO at Bowery Legal at 4pm ET

Nick Jaber — Head of Growth at NeoEYED at 6:40pm ET

FRIDAY the 11th

Founders Friday — LAST FF OF 2020

Tough Decisions with Kat Cole — COO & President at Focus Brands (Expert Series) at 12pm ET

Founders + Executive + Changemaker Weekly Meetup at 12pm ET

Upstream Social XXXXI with Cat Clifford — Senior Entrepreneurship Writer for at 3pm ET

Office Hours:

Lio Slama — Co-founder/CEO at at 11am ET

Hanan Eldahry — CEO at myHotHoods at 11am ET

Dave Weinberg — Partnerships lead at Recruited at 11am ET

Jake Wayne — Investor at Torch Capital at 11am ET

Sarah Wood — Head of Growth & Community at Upstream at 11:30am ET

Steve Gowa — Sales Enablement at 12pm ET

Kurt Benson — CEO/Founder at Tidal League at 12pm ET

Neal Conlon — Entrepreneurship Coach at 12pm ET

Ned Schoenfeld — CEO of Cove Hill Consulting at 12pm ET

Alex Taub — Co-founder at Upstream at 1pm ET

Priyanka Somrah — Analyst at Work-Bench at 2pm ET

Kine Paulsen — Partner at kinfizz at 2pm ET

Michael Chow — CEO/Founder at Dart Technologies at 4pm ET

Michael Galluppo — Founder at OLY.AI at 4:30pm ET

Office Hours on Saturday and Sunday — 12/12 + 12/13

Ali Jamal — Founding Partner at First Check Ventures at 5pm ET (12/12)

Charles Hudson — Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures at 6pm ET (12/12)

Nicole Priel — Vice President at Ibex Investors at 1pm ET (12/13)

Notable Upcoming

Elevate: The Power of Flow with Noah Mishkin (Founder & VP of Operations at CraftJack) on 12/15 at 6pm ET

BD / Partnerships Social #16 on 12/15 at 7pm ET

Pre-Seed Investors Gathering #3 on 12/16 at 6pm ET

Sports Business Event #12 with Marc Kohn (Chief Content Officer at Overtime) on 12/16 at 7pm ET

Pitch Night #3 with Phood on 12/16 at 8pm ET

Serial Marketers SpeedUp #12 Holiday Mirth Spectacular on 12/17 at 12pm ET

Healthcare Community Social with Lynne Rowland — SVP Marketing and Communications at CAQH on 12/17 at 6pm ET

Exponential: Education at Play with Brad Schenker (US Partnerships lead at LEGO Education) on 12/17 at 6pm ET

PR Pros Networking XI — with special guest Brian Wallace on 12/17 at 6:30pm ET

Upstream Social XXXXII with Nick Vega — Tech Reporter at The New York Post on 12/18 at 3pm ET

We are always looking for awesome new faces at the events. Take a minute and think of someone you know that might enjoy these events.

Feel free to introduce them to me directly. Alternatively, just send them this email / links so they can join the community + rsvp direct.

I hope to see you at one!


Sarah Wood

Head of Community