Refinery29’s Global Editor-in-Chief, an 11X Emmy Winner who produced Tiger Woods’ documentary, the origin story of Boxed as told by Chieh Huang, and an investor focused on unsexy industries...

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Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

Amazing to see that so many of you attended our IRL event last week in New York! Make sure to RSVP for our next event in NYC, an IRL happy hour during the NFT NYC Conference. I’m coming to NYC from Miami to host! (RSVP)

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🔥7 Events You Can’t Miss This Week 🔥

✍️Meet Refinery29’s Global Editor-in-Chief | TODAY, Mon @ 6PM ET | (RSVP)

You can’t miss this chat with Simone Oliver, Refinery29’s Editor-in-Chief. Simone joined R29 from Facebook, after 13 years at New York Times. She’s credited with accelerating NYT’s digital-first content strategy and launching their first-ever Instagram account.

🧰 This investor is focused on unsexy industries | Tues @ 6PM ET | (RSVP)

Joey Kim is a Partner at Romulus Capital looking for entrepreneurs disrupting sleepy industries from seed-stage to Series B. In his words, he’s “focused on the unsexy: contech, proptech, and manufacturing tech.”

🛠️ Looking to pivot careers? It’s never too late | Weds @ 3PM ET | (RSVP)

Join the Future of Work Community to discuss how to pivot into a new industry or role, led by Chris Kluesener, Founder of WorkBack, and Kyle Hagge from the Morning Brew.

⏱How do you know if an incubator is a good use of time? | Weds @ 3PM ET | (RSVP)

Chris Danzig joins the Fellow Female Founders Community to discuss how to elvaluate startup incubators and decide if it’s a good fit for you and your company.

🎽WTF is a Decentraland Wearable? | Thurs @ 1PM ET | (RSVP)

Artist Lola Blu will walk us through what a Wearable is and how to make it compatible with metaverses like Decentraland.

📦 How to Start a $1B+ Company? Ask Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed | Thurs @ 8PM ET | (RSVP)

Get the inside scoop from Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed, about how it all started! In this event, we’ll chat about the early days, how he got started, what was working, and what wasn’t.

⛳ This 11X Emmy Winner produced the Tiger Woods doc | Fri @ 3PM ET | (RSVP)

Join us for a chat with Armen Keteyian, an 11X Emmy Winner, former Writer & Reporter at Sports Illustrated, with 30+ years as a network television correspondent.

👀Content Highlight: How to Buy Your First NFT 👀

Want to get into NFTs but don’t know how to get started? This blog is for you.

Follow these 8 easy steps to buy a NFT, starting with USD.

🎉 Community Spotlight: Podcasters 🎉

⭐ Admin: Run by Espree Devora, Podcast Producer, Host, & Founder at Women in Tech Podcast and WeAreLATech

💡Purpose: This is a community of podcasters, any experience is welcome. We'll be featuring podcasting industry experts to discuss how to start, produce, distribute, promote and monetize your podcast.

📅 Next Event: How to Successfully Promote Your Podcast TODAY at 4:30 PM ET (RSVP)

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