New Feature: Change Your Vote

You can now change your votes in an Upstream Collective.

Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

Yep, it’s here! You can now change your vote.

There’s no limit to the amount of changes you can make as long as  you do it before the proposal ends.

If you do additional research or learn new information that makes you want to change your vote, you can now do so.

If you decide that your initial instinct was correct and you’d like to change your vote back to the original choice, you can also do that.  

To change your vote, find the three vertical dots to the right of your vote on a proposal. Click:  ‘Change your vote’ and update your vote to the option you’d like to choose.  

This feature is currently available on web and will soon be rolled out on the app soon as well.

By default a proposal requires a quorum (30% of voters to vote) and a majority of votes to decide the outcome, we recommend changing your vote as soon as you’ve decided to. This way the vote doesn’t end before you can update your answer.

This feature was requested by our users and we’re so excited to roll it out to you! We’ve all been there, accidentally choosing the wrong option with the slip of a finger or reading too fast.

You have until the proposal passes or is defeated to change your vote.

You can reach us at [email protected]. Let us know how you like this feature and what feature you want next!  We read and consider every piece of feedback we receive.

We’re always looking to improve your experience and make it as easy to use a Collective as possible.

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Sarah Wood

Head of Community