New Upstream Feature: Custom URLs for Collectives

New Custom URLs make it easier to find Collectives on Upstream.

Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood

We’re super excited to reveal our latest feature. We’ve added Custom URLs to make it easier to find Collectives on Upstream.

This new feature makes it possible for the person who starts a Collective to personalize the first half of the Upstream domain.

Now, you can navigate directly to your Collective’s landing page by searching their custom URL. For example, the landing page for the NFTC Collective is now

Previously without a custom URL, the URL for a Collective would be a string of random letters and numbers.

Like this:

Now, your URL is simple and concise.


This way, you can direct people to find your Collective without having to share the link directly.

For Admins:

Your Collective URL will be defaulted to your Collective’s name, in this format: [COLLECTIVE-NAME]

If you want the URL to be a word other than your Collective’s name, you can let us know in your DAO onboarding process by emailing [email protected] and we can update it.

This is a small, but powerful update. We will continue to build out the Collective landing pages with community features and insights so that they are enriched with useful information.

Going forward, we will share new product and feature updates regularly. For any questions on this update or others, email us at [email protected].  

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